Take your pick and Power UP with the JammyPack rechargeable battery. Choose either the 3000mAh or 4400mAh to power your JammyPack and charge any device via USB. (now including iPhone 5/6!!)

3000mAh:  Although this 2"x2" curb squirrel powers your JammyPack for a bare minimum of 8 hours of continuous full volume play, it will most certainly give you a long days worth of music at 75% volume.  Clean power that even charges your phone or MP3 player. The GAME CHANGER has arrived!

4400mAh:  Upgrade to the 4400mAh and power your JammyPack for days!  Roughly 4 times the power of an iPhone too.  3.5"x1.75" this CurbSquirrel has a built in flashlight too!

$29.95 X
Battery Box Packaging
Battery Box Packaging 2200mAh shown here playing JammyPack Rechargeable Battery Rechargeable Battery Rechargeable Battery