Let there be MUSIC. Together we are LOUD.


Think you have what it takes to become a Jambassador?  Fist pumps, high kicks, finger snaps, and leg whips!
The One’s & Two’s on becoming a Jambassador:
1. Share your story and apply.
Upon acceptance you need to:
2. Reply with full name, shipping address, and what your personal promocode would be: “WHATEVER”
3. Join the Facebook Group!
You will then receive:
4. You will receive (1) JammyPack and (1) Rechargeable Battery for about $50+S/H. (if you need one or want another)
5. You can make business cards presenting your personal promocode. ($20 reimbursed after 5th sale!)
You will be expected too:
1. Represent the JammyPack brand with pride and thoughtful consideration.
2. Strive for at least 5 sales per month.
3. Let there be MUSIC, together we are LOUD.
You will be rewarded:
4. 10% commission on gross sales resulting from your promocode. (that’s roughly $5 per JammyPack order!)
5. $50 bonus after first 10 sales.
6. $50 for every successful Jambassador you recruit. What constitutes success? (10 sales)
7. Bonuses and rewards as you compete to become the most successful Jambassador on planet globes.